Years ago, our family restored a 100 year old red post and beam barn on a small farm in southwest Michigan. This beautiful barn inspired our first name “Red Barn Farm” and the family has spent over a decade growing the finest blueberries possible. We are excited to have incorporated an image of a Red Barn in the logo for Better Way Farms as a reminder of our history.

From the very beginning we had a desire to share the bounty of our farm with others. In the early days, we picked, packed, and hand delivered boxes of conventional blueberries for friends, family, and members of our community.

When we came to understand the benefits of organic food grown using regenerative farming methods (a Better Way) there was no turning back. In 2019, our main farm is 100% USDA Organic and we have other farms that continue to be in transition to organic. We are blessed by the demand for regeneratively grown Michigan blueberries. Today we are partnering with grocery stores throughout the Great Lakes region to provide you with the best blueberries possible. 

In recent years, our farm has grown and now includes additional crops and products. Our mission has been refined as we commit ourselves to regenerative organic farming — through the restoration of the soil and growing the most nutritious produce possible. We want to farm differently, to farm in a better way. We took this opportunity to relaunch as Better Way Farms — A better way for the soil, A better way for the berry, A better way for you.

Better Way Farms is a family owned and operated farm. But it has grown beyond a strictly nuclear family, as we involve others with a shared commitment to a Better Way.

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Our Family


Rich and Sarah Phillips

Rich had a deep desire to farm and work with the earth. With Sarah’s support and inspiration, they purchased farmland in Southwest Michigan. They have committed themselves as stewards of creation and to providing quality, healthy produce for their community. They have four children and nine grandchildren who all love helping at the farm.


Joseph and Kymberly Jessup

Joseph is the General Manager of the farm. Joseph has spent his whole life around agriculture.  He now manages and operates Better Way Farms and is continually working to refine our methods and processes. Kymberly supports the farm in many ways, including our farm lunches and provides important perspective as a mother of young children. Joseph and Kymberly are parents to Josie and Beth. 


Matt and Liz Farber

Matt helps keep us on track on the business side of things. Liz plays a key role on the farm and brings the insights of a mother of four. Liz is also a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and provides advice and perspective on nutrition and health. Matt and Liz are parents to Peter, Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel. 


Mark and Emily Phillips

Mark works on strategies for growing the business. Emily supports the farm in many ways as an advisor and has participated in all facets of work on the farm – including farmers markets in the early days. Mark and Emily are expecting a baby boy in September, 2019.


Alison and Nate Phillips

Alison works on communications for Better Way Farms, including social media efforts. Nate provides support for our communications and logistics efforts. Nate and Alison are parents to Benjamin and Timothy.


Will and Sara Phillips

Will and Sara are both doctors and are in their residencies in Boston, MA. They are a resource for health and medical questions. Will and Sara are parents to Luke and Tessa.