A Better Way To Grow

We take a holistic approach to growing and utilize a method we call Better Way organic farming. We balance the soil by adding natural minerals and nutrients back into the soil to rebuild it, we activate the soil by increasing the microbes and we restore the soil through cover crops increasing the organic content. It is a regenerative approach. As a result, our plants access more of the minerals needed to thrive and produce nutritious fruit. As an organic farm, we refrain from using harmful substances in the growing process, as we establish practices that promote the flourishing of our produce, our workers, and your family.  


A Better Way Towards Health

At Better Way Farms, we are committed to your family’s health. Our Better Way of growing means we are focused on providing you with the most nutritious and delicious fruit. We are actively rebuilding the soil structure and unlocking minerals which are essential for healthier plants and fruit. This includes the planting of cover crops of clover, buckwheat, radishes and legumes which help restore the soil biome. The end result is produce packed with higher levels of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Brix scores are a helpful indicator of the nutritional value of our berries.

A Better Way To Be Neighbors

We believe that sustainable farming includes caring for our neighbors. Our aim is to promote a Better Way by improving the standard of living for our workers and offering a better berry to our community. We consider this to be the heart of our business: We are not just product-focused, but people-focused.


A Better Way For Our Earth

Regenerative organic farming begins and ends with the soil. By increasing organic content and rebuilding soil ecosystems, we reduce greenhouse emissions and increase the nutritional value of our produce. When the soil and ecosystem are healthier, the bushes are healthier. It is a natural cycle and the result is a healthier planet and more nutritious fruit for your family. By engaging in this method of farming, we are doing our small part to be stewards of creation. And by utilizing backyard compostable containers for our produce, which decompose within 90-days, we are demonstrating there is a Better Way of packaging.

A Better Way Of Living

Our aim is to live integrated lives through which we enable others to flourish. Our heart is to make a difference in the lives of people by providing nutritious food grown using regenerative organic methods. We respect that people may have a heart for different things and are coming from different places. We seek to live by faith and not by sight. We pursue excellence in all we do, with a joyful outlook and with respect for others. This is our Better Way of living.